As an indie author, I want to contribute in a meaningful way to the self-publishing community. One method is by providing reviews for authors. Here are my current guidelines; revisions will be posted as/if they occur. Sorry, I cannot accept hard copies at this time, please see submission form below for details.


Review Policy:

Reviews are free! I am an indie author, and (as you can see) the review page is one portion of my website, which also promotes my material. But rest assured that in my role as a reviewer, the author (you) and your work comes first.

Preference: Self-published authors, indie authors

Accepted genres:  Mystery, Historical, High Fantasy, Low Fantasy, YA, Thriller, Suspense, Science Fiction

Unaccepted genres (at this time):  Non-Fiction, Cookbooks, Self-Help Books, Children’s Books, Horror, Paranormal, Urban Fantasy, Space Opera, Psychological, Dark, Thriller, Dystopia

Not all submissions are accepted. This is because it’s only me performing the reviews (I do not have a staff), and I want to be able to provide high-quality reviews in a timely manner

Reviews will be posted on: Amazon & my blog. I will include Goodreads and other venues soon.

Rating System, Rubric—general guidelines I use.

 1.     A few sentences (minimum) describing the book, without spoilers!
2.      What did I particularly like about the book? Characters, plot, scenes, the writing itself
3.      Anything I did not favor (through the lens of a reviewer)
4.      Summary thoughts
5.      Would I recommend this book to others?
6.      Rating (5-star system)


Interested? Please fill out the form below. I will get back to you as soon as possible!

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