Torn from home by her embittered government in the midst of World War I, a gritty Armenian girl struggles to survive the harrowing journey to nowhere.

Based on historically true events and interviews with the protagonist in her later years.

The year, 1915 was one which Alma Sakiain, 15, would remember forever.

“From Aghin” is a glimpse into the dark heart of humanity witnessed through the lens of individual suffering and resilience. The setting is the Ottoman Empire during The Great War, and the Armenian deportation has commenced.

Alma Sakaian, fifteen years old, is thrust into this world of brutality, chaos, and circumstance a world in which she must protect those she loves, and lead them in their fight for survival. Samuel Sakaian, her uncle and a naturalized American citizen, has returned from America to locate his family any way he can. In the face of hopeless odds, Alma’s courage and Samuel’s obsession drive them on.

“From Aghin” is their story.


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